ODF Validator - OpenDocument Validation Service

This is the Fellowship's ODF Validation Service, a free service that checks OpenDocument files for conformance with the ODF specification.

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We take your privacy seriously. Neither the Fellowship nor Cyclone3 will ever sell or distribute any document you upload. Uploaded documents are not used for any purpose other than validation. All documents are destroyed as soon as validation is complete.


Error: Document not conform with the ODF specification.

Warning: Not a violation of the specification but may indicate problems.

For example: If the file does not contain a mimetype the validator will produce a warning since a mimetype is a SHOULD in the ODF specification. But an undefined mimetype is an error as it violates the ODF spec.


ODF validator originally written by Alex Hudson as part of the Fellowship's ODF Tools project. Web service provided by Cyclone3 and developed by Roman Fordinal. Learn more about Cyclone3 ODFvalidator extension. You can submit bugs and issues using public Bugzilla.